Opportunity Knocked Once

Working away from home was one of the loneliest yet productive in terms of moolah moments I’ve ever had in my life. And we’re not talking about 1 year here but more than 8 years. I feel for those who are in this situation right now.

Mine wasn’t planned. It just happened. All because of love for my family. All because of money. I remember telling my mom, I will never leave home. I know how it feels being away from daddy for so many years. I won’t. Ever. But I had to. I really had too. I had no choice. I couldn’t keep up with our bills. I couldn’t afford watching myself entering a pawnshop every now and then. I couldn’t take all those things until I was given an opportunity to work abroad. Unexpectedly.

I was working in Makati as an Exec. Sec to the GM then. We recruit staff through an agency. They happened to be the recruiting agent of an employer in Bahrain. Once in a while, my boss sends me to their office in Mabini to collect CVs. One day it just came to my mind and told their Secretary “is it okay if I leave my CV here the next time I come by?” And she said of course, all smiled. She even added “actually you can fax it later”. I did. Secretly. I already had my passport ready at that time. But I never planned of working abroad. I just went with the flow when my barkada applied for their passports. I didn’t want my boss to know and find out about my application abroad. So I gave my Olongapo home number instead.

After two weeks, my mom called my boarding house. I wasn’t there. I was still at work. I got the message when I came home. My heart was dribbling. I was nervous. She won’t call if it wasn’t so important. I thought something bad happened. Besides it was a long distance call… I dialled our home number, hoping… praying…. She said:

May tumawag dito, Bing daw. Tanggap ka na daw sa Bahrain. Magreturn call ka daw, eto yung number. ASAP. Para daw sa offer letter.

I answered “Huh? San yun?” Believe me I didn’t know where Bahrain was, I didn’t even know it does exist hahaha! Tawagan mo na lang, my mom suggested.

I was thinking…. thinking… thinking…. until it came to my mind! Aha! But I told them to find a job for me in Dubai. Kasi yun lang ang alam ko dati maliban sa Saudi hahaha! To cut the story short, I called them back.

Mom was right, I was hired by a certain company in Bahrain. Exec Sec to the F & B Manager daw. At first, I was so excited. I went to their office right away to accept and sign the offer letter. There were no mixed emotions at that moment. It was all happiness, blissfulness, excitement, or whatever you may call it. Until…

…. until my visa came. It happened too fast. I had to resign. I didn’t even comply with the one month notice company policy. I hate to leave with pending jobs but I had to. Otherwise, they will find somebody else. I talked to my boss. He understood. He even wished me luck….

Marketing Manager at Adventures Beyond Group | WAHM | Ex-OFW | Music Enthusiast | Cactus and Succulent Hobbyist | Hello Kitty Lover | A 42 y/o mom of two lovely girls sharing her adventures as she walks through motherhood and having to do most things on her own while her Indian national husband works miles away from home.

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  1. Ako naman, pine-pressure ng Mommy ko mag-abroad. Sa totoo lang, ayaw ko kasi okay pa naman kami rito. Di naman kami naghihikahos. At saka marami na rin akong naririnig na nagsasabing masarap pa ring mamuhay rito sa Pilipinas. Sa ibang bansa kasi, wala kang ibang gagawin kundi ang kumayod, at saka malungkot din daw kung nag-iisa ka. Haay.

    Kimmy’s last blog post..Itching for New Sounds


  2. it’s nice to think back experiences that has a great impact in our lives. i reminis a lot, sis but when i do ang layo ko sa computer. hahahaha

    arlene’s last blog post..Scrumptious Sunday 2nd Ed # 1


  3. @ Kimmy : Mahirap talaga sa ibang bansa esp kung pupunta ka dun ng mag-isa ka lang. Depende sayo kung kakayanin mo…

    I will blog about my experiences there… soon!


  4. ms. mitch, avid fan ako ng mga blogs mo lalo na everything about deye. OFW din ako dito sa Dubai .thankful ako sa unexpected na pagpunta ko dito dahil kung hindi, wala sana akong Samantha ngayon..


  5. Hi Lester! Kamuntik pa nga akong magback out nung I got my visa na. But I had to grab it talaga kaya ayun.

    Eto, nagbalik-bayan na ako heehee! But not sure till when, depende sa stat ng work ng husband ko…

    Btw, thanks for visiting my blog…. I visited yours too kaso di ako makarelate sa posts hehe! Malalim!


  6. What’s it like working in Bahrain? What’s it like packing and unpacking, uprooting and putting down roots again on such short notice?

    I want to work abroad too but I’m feeling quite daunted by the prospect of being alone in a strange country.

    Chin’s last blog post..Wee Wonderfuls (and a poll)


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