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SAHM : Superwoman

For some people, a working mom is a counterpart of wonder woman. Imagine, working 8 hours or more a day, 6 times a week. Then another duty starts as they come home. And when the kids fall sick, you have to attend to them. If they stay awake, you have to be awake no matter how tired you were for the day. Then get up early for work. That’s what I’m going through everyday. I’m just lucky to have a supportive and helpful husband with me all the time.

But hey! If a working mom is a counterpart of wonder woman, I think a stay at home mom is a counterpart of super woman. I think they deserve to be rewarded even in some simple ways. Let them know that they are very much appreciated. I remember Sassy Lawyer Mom posted that SAHM are saints. I think so too! Imagine, dedicating your full time 24/7 to your family. It’s the toughest unpaid job ever! It’s not an easy job! Don’t you think so???

You know what? I never considered myself becoming a SAHM. For some selfish reasons. I’ve always told my parents that when I get married I’ll make sure that I won’t ever give up my job, ever! Reasons? What if my marriage won’t work? Who will provide our needs? Etc. What if “malosyang” ako? My husband would definitely find someone else.

But that was before…. Nung maging nanay ako, everything changed.

Two months ago, my daughter got really sick. It happened right after we came from our vacation backhome. I had to stay at home for almost a week. Priorities first. Told myself, “bahala na, madami namang trabaho dyan pero ang buhay ng anak ko iisa lang”. If they fire me, at least I know I’ve made the right decision. Fortunately, boss didn’t say anything. But what if it happens again? Would he tolerate? I don’t think so…

Every time my daughter falls sick, “napapraning” ako! I know one thing na kahit gaano sila kaclose sa tatay nila or sa grandparents, they still long for their mothers and would choose to be with us whenever they are not well.

Few days ago, I suffered from a severe cold/flu. My daughter got it already. Kahit gustuhin kong di lumapit sa kanya, there’s no one else to look after her. Husband goes to work at night.

This morning she was crying when she saw me dressed up for work, which is not normal. Everyday, she would even say “babay” and give flying kisses as I leave the house. But you see, when she’s sick, she tends to be a mommy’s girl… And with that look, napapabilis ang labas ko ng bahay. It breaks my heart thinking na dapat ako yung andun at hindi ang yaya.

But right now I can only do so much. Make everything up to her when I come home. I have to work. We’re not both from a well-off family and they still need our support once in a while.

I just wish… one day I’d have the courage to totally change my role, from an Executive Secretary to a 24/7 SAHM, like Mommy Feng. What if I won’t be wearing lipstick anymore? I’m sure my world will be more colourful even without it…

Marketing Manager at Adventures Beyond Group | WAHM | Ex-OFW | Music Enthusiast | Cactus and Succulent Hobbyist | Hello Kitty Lover | A 42 y/o mom of two lovely girls sharing her adventures as she walks through motherhood and having to do most things on her own while her Indian national husband works miles away from home.


  • Daisy

    awww… i want to be a superwoman soon! pero pwede pa rin tayo mag lipstick kahit nasa bahay lang 🙂

    i hope your kiddo gets well soon!


  • Heart of Rachel

    I love being a SAHM especially during the formative years of my son.

    I look up to both working and SAHM because they give so much for their families.


  • Anonymous

    @ Daisy : Di kaya masabihan naman tayong OA nun hehe! Joke!

    @ Rachel : That’s one of the advantages, you get to see your child’s development day by day… Wala kang mamimiss.


  • Mitchteryosa

    Oooops! Bakit ako naging anonymous hehehe!

    Thanks Rach! I feel a lot better. But not Deye. She’s got fever early this morning. Gising kami from 2-5am. 🙁 And she was crying this morning when I left.


  • feng

    mitch, taking a leep into being a SAHM finally was one of the courageous decisions i’ve made. reassurance from blogfriends like you will get me going. i’m so thankful for the friendship. very comforting.

    well i guess, whether it be WAHM, SAHM, or working mom, i believe what matters is our intention to let our children be the center of all our love and attention. 🙂


  • deedee

    dati work din ako and naiiwan kids sa nanay at mga titas ko. mahirap nga,dumating pa sa punto na yung bunso ko mas malapit pa sa tita ko. and then we went here sa Bahrain for work, naiwan kids. Super hirap lalo na nung first time nilang naospital tapos wala ako dun. hirap maging ina ano? pero it’s still the best and most rewarding job in the world. 🙂


  • Analyse

    wish i could be a sahm one day too.. but as feng said, it’s not a matter of work or no work, it’s our intention that counts… me thinks that working moms sacrifice a lot too.. imagine those hours when our kids are out of our sites because we have to, hirap nun ha..


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