When SAHM-one Speaks #3

How do you get yourself organized with all the left and right chores in the house? Plus a crying toddler or a demanding husband waiting his dinner to be served around you?

I follow a time-table. I was once a working mother abroad and I could say that, that was one of the most exhausting days of my life where I had to play 3 roles: a mom, a housemaid and a wife. Just glad that my husband is a domesticated person, so sharing the housemaid roles with him was never a problem.

My life is much easier now that I am back home. With my family around me, I can now go to the market without tagging my daughter along with me coz someone is there to look after her. Unlike before I have to request the neighbor or the nanny to look after my daughter even for an hour. But that happened only few times. There was even a time when I badly needed a haircut, and hubby was called on duty on his day off. Ah! I took my daughter with me hahhaa!

Now, I don’t have to worry about the clothes accumulated in the laundry basket. Somebody does it for us. I don’t have to worry about the dinner, my mom cooks for us. If I’m not well or need to meet paid post deadlines, I only have to ask my mom and she will keep an eye on Derelle for me. The only thing I need to do for my husband is stay up late and chat with him, so we can update each other. I don’t even need a time-table now to get myself organized. Hay! There’s no place like home…. I know this set-up isn’t forever, but at least I’ve already experienced being a SAHM with less struggles.

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  1. iba talaga ang buhay dito sa pinas. 🙂 if no relatives you can have many maids as much as you want if kaya magbayad. more help when we stay with our family. but i think sis, if together kayong tatlo ulit in another country, it would not be much struggle anymore kasi malaki na si deye that time. she can even help you na wash the dishes or fix the bed. diba?


  2. Sa totoo lang Arlene, minsan nagsisisi ako kung bakit kami umuwi dito, with the long distance rel and marital issues hay ang hirap! 🙁 Mas kakayanin ko pa ata ang magpakayaya o katulong kesa sa mga isipin na yan haha!


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