She wants to be a Nurse

My daughter  & I have already passed the stage of “What do you wanna become when you grow up?” There was a time when she said she wanted to be a “Conditioner Model” but that didn’t last long. If you ask her now, she would always say “I wanna become a Nurse” but there’s a twist in it.

The day I attended a one on one PTA meeting, her teacher mentioned that Deye says she wants to become a “Singer in nursing scrubs“. From where she got the idea, I do not know. What I only remember was she asked me if a nurse also wears a uniform. I said “Yes, but these days they do not wear the traditional white nursing uniform anymore, instead a pair of scrub top and pants”.

That must’ve stored in her mind. And I didn’t know that she’s still interested in singing. When I asked her so what happened  now to your interest in becoming a Conditioner Model? She said immediately “My hair is curly, that won’t be nice!”

Awww! Is that because Shampoo Models usually displays a long, shiny and straight hair? And that’s what she normally sees on TV.

Anyway, whatever that is she wants to become, I really don’t care. Whatever she likes, fine with me.

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