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I want to be an Engineer. That’s what I used to tell my mom and the reason that I’ve always given her was “I love to draw”. During the early years when I used to say this, I had no idea what an Engineer is and what they really do. All I knew was I love to draw. Oh! And I also remember telling them something in particular “yung Engineer na umaakyat sa building”. I was referring to a Civil Engineer who wears a hard hat hahaha!

That “ambition” somehow almost came true. I took up Industrial Engineering during College. In between, I was confused whether to pursue Engineering or follow what I really wanted to do. As I’ve said, I love to draw and that creativity in me still lives in my system up to now. I’ve taken up examination in UST and passed Fine Arts but… I still ended up taking Industrial Engineering after hearing some not-so-good point of views from other concerned people. That doesn’t matter now. Anyway, I failed to finish the course due to some financial problems. No regrets though! I love being a mom now.

And when my daughter is asked what does she wanna be when she grows up?  She would immediately say “Conditioner Model”! Whatever reason she has in her mind, I respect that. I don’t care whether she wants to be a model, whether she’d become one of those Oklahoma City lawyers someday, or whoever! For now, let her young mind enjoy what she wanna be someday.

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