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She’s Back!

Ooops! I’m not talking about my babysitter who just recently decided to leave us just like that. I’m talking about kagigil-gigil na Malu Fernandez. Di siya haka-haka lang. Di rin tsismis! It’s true! She’s back to write for Manila Standard! What a decision! She resigned and now…. hmp! Or was it just a drama so that OFWs will calm down? Haller!!!! And guess what? She’s back to write the same observations she has in mind. I was expecting that she would at least write an article of how sorry she was sort of thing but no! Read here what she had just written. And excuse me Malu Fernandez, I’m one of those women who wears minimum make-up but I do have a presentable and nice dressing table. I don’t keep them in a medicine cabinet! I’m confident that I don’t need those koloretes to be called a higher-maintenance woman. Para mo na ding sinabi na filthy ang isang babaeng walang proper dressing table!

At dahil iniinis mo na naman ako, I am joining Nick ’s Renewed Boycott Against Manila Standard Today.

Boycott Manila Standard Today

Here it is, our stand, because Manila Standard Today has chosen to hide behind their term “protocol” and issue a pardon to their most beloved columnist for all The Filipinos to see. This is a call to boycott, for the irresponsible behavior of Manila Standard Today, they have chosen to pass up the option of doing the right thing, and essentially show their true colors and the standards they are upholding.

Have a good day Fernandez!

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  • sunshineforlife

    i think she’s hired back because she became instantly famous of the article she wrote that made OFW around the world react with anger. i think if they hired her back, the people would look forward to her next article kasi bako ano ano naman ung mga sinasabi nya.

    Ginagamit sya ng Manila Standard so that people would buy their paper? Pwede…. :p


  • randy

    Boycott Manila Standard!! They may use this issue to attract attention but in the long run, it is to their disadvantage because more and more people will hate them because of their biases and arrogance. Who cares about what the OFWS say anyway. Malu belongs to their kind. bigots and hypocrites.

    So true!


  • agnes

    being famous is different from being infamous and notorious which malu fernandez quickly acquired as a reputation. as for manila low standard, this will go down to the history as their major ” faux pas” and they will suffer big time.

    Hahaha! I like that Manila LOW Standard hehe!


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