What a beautiful sight to watch! Ate carrying her sister’s school bag, every single day.

Their classrooms are located at 2 separate buildings. Ate Deye drops Ishi to her classroom first located on the second floor, goes down again, then up to her classroom, and down again for the flag ceremony. E-v-e-r-y-d-a-y.

They may differ a lot, and disagree to many things, they may fight over silly things and stop talking to each other for a moment, but sure thing is, little gestures like this will always be something special to look back when they’re both grown-ups already.

Grateful for the gift and opportunity in raising these girls!

The back story of the photo above:

I had to drop them off to school (I usually do but stopped doing that since last month so I could rest and take extra care because of my current preggy condition) yesterday for something else.

They walked ahead of me ‘coz I left my phone inside the car, as usual, hahaha!

I was surprised to see Ate Deye still carrying Ishi‘s almost empty bag. Yes, this is not the first time I’ve seen it but I thought Ate only does this when Ishi’s bag is full-packed on some days.

I called Ishi out, and asked her “Uy bakit si Ate pa din bitbit ng bag mo ha??”

“Gusto nya yan ‘Ma eh!” Okay, no further questions, Madam haha! Ishi said something about oras, so I thought Ate Deye’s taking her own sweet time to get to their building ‘coz it’s still early anyway.

Well, whatever reasons she may have, I am really proud of this sight yesterday. I know I am raising a good daughter who will also become a mother someday.

Ate Deye may not be the typical teenager who explores and does a lot at her age, or your kind of student who cheerfully and willingly speaks in front of the class, or raises her hand each time she knows the answers, but will for sure make you smile with her thoughtfulness and sweetest gestures. Oh, and she also wouldn’t mind spending all her savings for a bucket of doughnuts just because she knew that her preggy mama was craving for it. (That’s how kuripot I become sometimes!)

Let me also tell you that she does her sister’s hair every single day, except for those days when they hate each other hahaha! So if you see Ishi with her hair down at school, you’d know that something happened the previous hours.

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