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Someone From KFG Just Made Me Smile!

Yup, someone just made me smile. Annie quoted on her today’s post:

march 2007. ah, the princess slash diosa (goddess) of bahrain came down to earth to grace our humble invite.(hihihi) along with her is cavite’s finest singing goddess herself! it was a blast! both did not look like moms at all. take my word for it, AT ALL okay? AT ALL. (sowe, had to emphasize that “AT ALL” word. u just got to understand my point, hahaha) and.. they oh-so made the event super enjoiable! more than once did we find ourselves: wide-eyed, jaw dropped, havin these goosebumps listenin to their oh-so fantastic diamondlike singin voices! it surely was fun, fun, fun! (hope there’s a next time soon too, hihihi)……

it was our very own miss bahrain 2007-2070 who coined it KFG. KFG: Kuro Friday Group. and the name stuck since then.. (we dont really meet up on fridays all the time. u gotta ask the bahrain princess herself the divine secret that lies behind our very name, hihihi)

Hahaha! So you wanna know why I named our group KFG despite the fact that EBs don’t fall on Fridays only? Simply bcoz I met all of you for the first time on a Friday, so to avoid myself experience a memory gap, I decided to baptize this group KFG. It clicked naman di ba? Nyahahaha! But my camera decided to act like a time machine that day, sukat bumalik ng isang araw hahaha! Buti na lang I have another proof that we really met on a Friday. Dyaraaaaaaaaaan!

If there’s one moment that I want to be reminded of was this. May araw ka din Karen for recording this nyahahaha! I wish we could do this again soon… very soon! And I hope na yung next time na yun di na ako magmamadaling umuwi. :p



  • mk

    naks, touched naman ako na u made an entry out of it, hihihi glad i made u smile! =)

    i was a bit confused re the origin/story behind the KFG bansag that’s y i asked bh bout it. so un pala talaga, hahaha parang mediu malayo un asa isip namin, bwahahaha

    love that video! basin from kfg ebs, i think first victim ka ni karen, hahaha simply love ur IKAW version too!

    lookin forward to the next eb with u! hopefully with deye rin! and true, sana overnyt or better yet, daaays un tagal ng eb =)

    Maybe next EB we can do it in Subic, whatcha think? Gala tayo dun tutal di ko pa din napupuntahan yung mga bagong pasyalan to think tagadun ako hahaha!


  • mk

    nakaw, patok yan to everyone, hihihi i cant remember pero that was brought up last last last time eh. subic eb. aaay, excited nako, hahaha pero ikaw tour guide namin ha? adventure toh! :p

    Walang problema papasama tayo sa nakakalam kasi ala din akong alam, madami na kasing bago dun. :p


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