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Stop a Pest Infestation Before It Starts

A warmer climate often facilitates a greater change of pest invasions. While ant, roach, termite, mice and worm problems seem to be everywhere, the southwestern United States also susceptible to dangerous vermin such as scorpions, black widow spiders and snakes. Fortunately, there are some useful steps you can take to avoid their intrusion into your residence in the first place. Put these to use, and hopefully, you won’t have to beat back the bugs in your home.

Begin With Good HousekeepingWhile you strive to do your best to keep your residence clean, it’s important to recognize that good housekeeping is your first defense against pests. According to the University of California San Diego Environment, Health and Safety Department, this is critical when it comes to preventing ant, roach and other types of insect invaders. It involves more than mere cleaning, but also includes preventative measures such as:

         airtight food storage;
         keeping areas clean;
         removing any standing water;
         getting rid of any trash and recycling straightaway; and
         making sure doors and windows are completely sealed.

These same tips work to help avoid the intrusion of mice, rats and other varieties of rodents. Other kinds of pests, such as mosquitos and scorpions, are commonly present with certain conditions primarily found outdoors. Avoiding letting water stand on your property, keeping wood piles far away from your building, and eliminating large rocks from near your exterior walls are helpful steps. Additionally, make sure you stay on top of exterior maintenance, and don’t let any cracks or breaches in your walls go unsealed — these are entry points by which scorpions, snakes, racoons and other creatures can slip in.

Fight Back Against Food CrittersStopping beetle, worm and moth invasions is also a priority. Some species of these hide out in food packages at your local grocer, despite attempts by them to reduce the chances of these organisms in their products. Other careful practices should be observed to cut back on the chance of bringing these critters home, including:

         rejecting broken or unsealed food containers;
         looking at your items’ “sell by” dates;
         inspecting clear packages for signs of insects;
         using older food products first; and,
         keeping dry foods in your freezer for 48 hours to kill off any present pests.

Professional Inspections: an Additional Line of Defense. Doing your due diligence to avoid attracting pests in the first place is optimal. However, if you’re serious about keeping these critters out, you need professional help. To take your pest prevention further, it’s a good idea to call a pest control service and request an inspection of your property. Their technicians are trained to find risk areas in your home and help you eliminate them. Sometimes, this may require regular treatments to keep the bugs away. And if you do end up having a pest problem, you’ve already got someone to call to solve it.
The last thing you want to see in your home is an insect invasion, or other vermin scampering about. Besides making an unfair statement about your housecleaning abilities, they also pose hazards to your health, belongings and property. Keep your family safe and preserve the sanctity of your residence with persistent, comprehensive pest prevention practices.

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