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Stress Management

Stress without relief can damage your health and be a burden. To protect your health, treat yourself each day to many brief periods of relaxation, joy and healthy pleasure. There are many ways to do it without having to spend a lot:

1) Take a deep breath and relax for a minute while you have a pleasant thought. I do this once in a while. I think of the good times I had in the past and mommy moments I get with my kids.
2) Laugh. When I know that it’s time to laugh without actually planning to do it, I spend time with friends and loved ones or watch TV shows that make me laugh. An hour or two makes me feel good already.
3) Give loved one a hug. This is a normal routine for me everyday, I get daily dose of this from my kids.
4) Take a warm bath. Being a resident in a country where summer season gets extreme, this is an impossible act. So this is a no no for me. 
5) Try meditation. I haven’t done this but would love to try when given a chance.
6) Exercise regularly. Many attempts in the past days but I always fail. 🙁
7) Listen to soothing music. I used to but not anymore.
8) Get a massage as part of a stress management routine. I make that I get a body massage once a month.

5 out of 8 ways, I guess I’m good and can manage stress without the need to undergo a stress test.

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