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Summer activities for Kids

Inflated poolSummer break is fast approaching. It’s another time of the year where you want your kids enjoy and experience what a kid should be getting. In our case, since I cannot be with my kids during the whole break, I make sure they get busy on these days.

I send my eldest for summer class. Of course, it has to be something that interests her. Last year, she had violin lessons which I plan to continue this year. She had also shown interest in art class, but that can be done at home with my assistance. Anyway, materials can easily be bought from the shops so I don’t see any problem with that and besides she’s got an Art Attack book that could both guide us with some artworks.

Two years ago, I bought an inflated pool for the girls and it’s still in good condition. I think it’s about time to take it out from the cabinet, get it dusted and cleaned. I’m sure my youngest will love it! She’s so fond of splashing onto the water. The cousins would sure join them, as usual.

Aside from these usual summer activities that my girls do, I am thinking of introducing them the taste of a homemade ice candy in different flavors, the Filipino style. And maybe get  my eldest daughter involved in making them. She has tried and tasted ice pops but not these ice candies.

Ice candy

I might also check on ice drop mold this weekend. It’s a good alternative of ice candy, some flavorful ice drops in the house!

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