Survey Says… New Moms And Dads, Babies Rock!

When considering your child”s hygiene, which brand do you recommend?

Johnson & Johnson

I’m sure every first time parent goes and passes through this stage > the dilemma in choosing the right brand for their infants.

I grew up with Johnson’s products around me, but that time there were only few scents of baby cologne. I remember using the green one, I forgot the name. They were so affordable. Though you’ll find a wide variety of Johnson’s products i. e. oil gel, nappy cream, conditioner etc these days… I don’t find them cheap any longer. The first time I went to shop for my baby’s toiletries, I asked myself twice “is it worthy to spend so much on this?”

I grabbed all the things I needed and paid for them immediately. Obviously my answer to that question was yes! It’s worth it! Besides, Johnson’s products were already proven with high quality.


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  1. i do agree! j&j truly rawk. at my age (18), i still use it, imagine that.
    wont exchange j&j baby powder for anythin. =)
    btw, i did a double take on ur header, whoa!

    Ako din till now gumagamit ng J & J. Daming bagong scent ng cologne eh. Ambango!

    Thanks to the designer Petit Moineaux, yung gumawa ng mga embellishments! I really love ’em!


  2. I use Aveeno shampoo and lotion for Evan. The lotion was recommended by his pedia when he had rashes when he was still about 1 month old. I have yet to try J and J here in the US but it was a brand I grew up with through teenagehood. I can still smell the cologne scent up to now 🙂

    May Aveeno din dito kaso isip ko subok na ang J & J kaya yun na ginamit ko. So far la naman naging prob sa skin nya.


  3. my two kids are j&j babies from newborn til now. i love it’s mildness on their skin and it’s effectivity… esp the nappy rash cream.

    The good thing pa Deye can share it with me hahaha! Tipid! :p


  4. I’m currently using Johnson’s shampoo and Johnson’s Milk Bath for my little girl, kaso paubos na … I wanna try Nivea baby products naman … Ok lang ba na magpapalit palit ng toiletries for baby? I wanna see what’s best kasi … Thanks!

    Kung wala namang side effect kay Masheng ok lang, pero kung hiyang na sya sa J & J why change pa? Di ka sure kung sa ibang brand eh hiyang din sya. Ako kasi dahil sensitive pa skin nila, di ako nagpapalit.


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