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If there’s one thing I loved about working in the Middle East was we were never taxed for anything. Unlike here in the Philippines, everything is being taxed. Even the food that we buy are being taxed.Worst the pay that we get from working hard is also being taxed and the charges are way too high.

Early this month, our profit sharing was released and the amount we got after the tax deductions are really frustrating. Sure thing we were advised ahead of time but until you see the final figures, it won’t sink in. The moment I saw my payslip, that’s when I finally realized that the amount I was expecting would never be seen on my payslip.

I wonder if paying for taxes like these could be extended or at least reconsidered. I really have no idea how taxes are computed that’s why I never asked for any tax extension form.

No complaints though! I still love the lifestyle here back home. Life here is easier compared anywhere else. Wages may not be as high as what are given in other countries but as what we always here there’s no place like home. It’s just that sometimes we couldn’t help but compare notes.

So yeah, I’d still choose where I am right now despite the huge taxes deducted monthly!

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