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PMN FamPics : Glossy

PMN has just featured a monthly themed photofind sort of activitity where mommies could proudly share their loved ones’ captured moments.The mechanics strictly says

The photo entry must be home or family related, original and owned by the PMN member who is posting it.

Here’s my share for this month’s theme : GLOSSY

There’s my daughter Deye who was just 14 months old at that time – feeling the warm pool glossy water for the first time.

And another shot with her cousins who she had first met. I’ve always loved this photo. Their young faces had clearly shown the happiness of being together – for the first time.

I wish we could do that more often but our distance does not allow us. With captured moments like these, we could always go back and reminisce…

Participants for this month’s theme:

  1. Glossy Writing Table by Noemi
  2. Glossy Appeal by Rachel
  3. Attack II by Leah
  4. Glossy by raqgold
  5. PMN Fam Pics Series 1 : GLOSSY by Cookie de Guzman-Lugue (Kongkong622)
  6. GlossyMonday–My World Turning Upside Down by Sexy Mom
  7. Glossy by Mitch
  8. Glossy by Chats (iMom)
  9. Glossy Apple Cheeks by Analyse
  10. The Mane Event by Lynn
  11. PMN Fam Pics, 1st edition: A very glossy story by Connie
  12. Mommy’s girl by Lady Cess
  13. GLOSSY Topped Cupcakes by Dexie the FeistyMomma
  14. Glossy from the garden by KK
  15. Glossy Plastic Covers by Feng

Themes for the next 12 months:

  • September 2007: Potted (anything in a pot)
  • October 2007: Green
  • November 2007: Plated (anything on a plate)
  • December 2007: Messy
  • January 2008: At play
  • February 2008: Straight
  • March 2008: Learning
  • April 2008: Heavy
  • May 2008: Inside the fridge
  • June 2008: Bliss
  • July 2008: Imeldific (shoes, naturally!)

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  • Mitchteryosa

    Thanks Chats!

    Naku first time nyang nakakita ng tubig sa pool at beach that time, I thought she’d be afraid, daig pa ako nagkakakawag hehe!

    Hala! Raisins? Di ba prunes man lang? LOL!


  • ScroochChronicles

    Cute ni Deye. Love her bathing suit. Hahaha…ganyan din sinasabi ko sa mga anak ko nung summer. Ayaw kasi umahon….so tinatakot ko sila by telling them that they’d turn to raisins.


  • Mitchteryosa

    @ Rach : Sobra! I wish I had a picture taken with her but my “uninvited visitor” came that day!

    @ Cookie : I wish I could wear one like that!

    Naging negra nga sya dyan eh!


  • Lynn

    It’s a bliss looking at how happy the kids are during bonding moments. Your daughter seems to have enjoyed every minute of it. She’s pretty!


  • Leah

    What better way to cool yourself down than a nice splunge in a cool and glossy pool. This summer, this is what we enjoy most, the water. Lovely memories to share. Nice hunting.


  • feng

    looks like Deye must have loved the water so much. buti at di sya natakot mag swim. yung anak ko kasi, afraid of the water the first time he dipped, pero later on he discovered the fun and enjoyment of the water. 🙂

    Deye looks so sexy in her swimwear. sarap talaga ng may girl, you can experiment on buying her tons of swimsuits. 🙂


  • Mitchteryosa

    @ Analyse : naku nagpapanggap lang yan hehe!

    @ Lady Cess : Oo nga eh kainggit! Thanks!

    Leah : I planned for that vacation kasi summer!

    @ Cookie : Ay naku kaasar nga eh more than 3 days ba naman nag-stay hahaha!

    @ Dexie : Thanks thanks!

    @ Feng : Di siya takot, she loved it. Nung una swim namin sa beach akala ko din matatakot, hindi rin.

    Kung papansinin mong mabuti lumalabas dede nya dyan hahaha! Malaki kasi!


  • Annamanila

    I guessed right. Deye glossies! Well, she’s really a good camera subject ha. Her face isn’t only beautiful but also very expressive.


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