Getting a job for myself 16 years ago was not planned. I had to find one to sustain the needs of the family right after I stopped from schooling. The day I went back to my hometown was the same day I spent hours of time looking for a job in SBMA. Luckily, a family friend mentioned that a new Company in Cubi is looking for a Purchasing Assistant so I said, I’ll give it a try.

I submitted my CV and was called for an interview. I didn’t have an idea that the person interviewing me was the General Manager himself who is a British. He asked me why I’m applying for the position. I gave him a straight answer that I needed a job badly, that I had no experience but needed to help my family. I don’t know anything but I was more than willing to learn. That time my mom was waiting for me at the lobby. I was so nervous but pretended not. If I did, I might lose the chance. So he said, we’ll let you know. I didn’t expect anything. With how I answered, I knew I was not the employee he was looking for.

At about 7pm, that same day. Our telephone rang. It was the Admin Officer asking me to report to work the next day! I was surprised yet thankful that I got the job! I was earning Php5k that time minus the deductions after each pay, so imagine how I managed those days being the breadwinner of the family. A year later, I submitted my resignation and was honest to tell my boss that I found another job who was paying more than what I was getting. He understood with no questions. A couple more followed. That time I was not even concerned about my employment record. I was after the figures of how much will I bring home each payday. 

Until, that same boss of mine contacted me and said that he’s interested of hiring me again, but this time in one of the restaurants in Makati that he partly owned. The offer was good and better, with meal allowance, service charge and tips. So I accepted the offer. I managed the Purchasing Department for almost two years. He also entrusted me the Aficionado Club he was heading. It’s a club where wine aficionados are members. We had monthly events, where I’ve seen Acid cigars dipped in wine for the first time.

As of this day, I am still in touched with my first boss who gave me a break. I just had to leave that job two years later after I had the opportunity to work abroad. I owe him a lot and I will never forget that!

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