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A much needed break

If there’s one thing a working mom would love to have is a much needed break with her family after a long day of working, a never ending discussion with her boss and sleepless nights with a sick baby. But that just don’t happen overnight. It needs proper timing and budget. Most especially, the place should also be child-friendly and perfect for a family.

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While I dream on having a grand vacation with my family overseas, I took the liberty of browsing the net and see if I can find a perfect place for us, in case this dream pushes through. Guess, I was lucky enough to get to a website that offers a great place. Terra Verde Resort orlando, nestled in a quiet neighborhood which is just 10 minutes away from Disney World. For a wise mom like me, I don’t just rely on the good location. Amenities offered matter to me a lot. Of course, I don’t want us to end up just watching my kids’ fave cartoon channel in case there’s nothing to do outside the hotel. It’s good to know that this Resort has the following:

  • An Olympic heated swimming pool.
  • Fitness room with complete equipment.
  • A sun deck to get your perfect tan (Well, this doesn’t really count coz we don’t need to get tan anyway).
  • A convenience store where you can get lotions and sunblock, or in case I’d be needing extra something for the kids.
  • A hot tub spa, perfect for my purpose – to relax!
  • Children’s playground, which I think every hotel and resort should have.
  • Large game arcade perfect for the heads of the family rather than spending their time in a bar.
  • A business centre with complete facilities like Internet.

You are also luckier if you find a place in Disney Hotel in Orlando. That means less travel for you and the kids. I hope this happens someday. One day. When our family is already together. When there’s no need for one of us to work overseas and leave the kids in the care of a nanny while I go to work for 8 hours or sometimes more.

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