The First Few Years

My first few years In Bahrain were hard. I struggled. I have experienced not-so-good-days with the locals. Plus the fact that those days I can only communicate through snail mails. I used to write and mail them at least 3x a week updating them, telling them how my day went by. There were times I had to lie, I had to tell them I was okay but the truth was “I was not”. I lied in my letter many times. But on the phone, I can’t. I just can’t…. I used to call them every week coz we get cheap phone cards over there, But as soon as my parents asked me “how are you?”, I get affected.

Though Derrick was there to cheer me up everyday, it’s still different when you are with the ones you love when you’re down. Yes, I’m glad he was there all the time but we also had some problems during that time. Time and people really tested our relationship. Someone came in between us. He went on his own with that someone and in revenge, I went on my own with another someone, yet, we found ourselves walking on the same path after a while, promised each other that it won’t ever happen again, that we’d take those mistakes as lessons learned in the past…

Glad those first few years made us tough, together in love….

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