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The K2 Graduates

The K2 Graduates in their Roman toga. I still couldn’t believe that Deye just graduated from K2, and that she’d be a grade schooler next school year. While they were singing their Graduation Song “Breakaway”, looking at how these kids survived the days for a year, and how they tried and participated in each event that the school held, I felt so emotional and more prouder that, Deye, my eldest is one of them.

Congrats to Juventus‘ Graduates! We’re so proud of you! And oh by the way, would like to acknowledge Juventus’ learning approach, MI and Reggio Emilia. I believe that this is how it should be. Every kid gets an award, no pressure and no boasting of academic ranks. That way, no one is left out.

Last but not the least, thanks to Teacher Rizza & Teacher April as well who had been so patient in attending to them. Ms. Kaye Reyes and Teacher Glenda for the continuous updates and for letting us “parents” know our kids’ status before the school year ended. That was really appreciated! Not to forget, Mr. John Bayarong for always finding the time to get feedbacks, positive or negative every time a school event or activity is held/hosted by Juventus.

See you next school year!

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