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Ate Deye passed K2

Last Wednesday was Ate Deye’s schedule for an assessment test for K2. I was worried and nervous that she won’t make it as she was nursing a fever that day. That same morning, I asked her if she’s okay to take the test, otherwise, I will ask for a re-schedule. But she said “Okay lang ako, Mama” and she was kinda excited when I said that if she passed, she’ll have the same classmates as last year, coz 3 of them already took the test before her.

The moment we entered Juventus, she smiled when I asked her “Are you ready?” and she nodded with a big smile on her face. She finished the test in just 30 minutes. While she was inside, I enrolled her and filled in the information data for her.

When she’s done and while Teacher Glenda was checking the papers, she asked her if she knows how to sing, coz I have written there that it’s one of her interests. I was surprised when she immediately answered “Opo” and even told them that she can sing the “Agua song Malayo Pa Ang Umaga”. She did sing up to the Chorus part and smiled at them afterwards.

Few minutes later, Teacher Glenda said that she passed and yes Ate Deye will be in K2 instead of K1 this coming school year.

*One proud mama here* =)

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