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Three “Things” I Can’t Live Without

Khristine wants to know the three things that I can’t live without. Here they are:

I sooooooooooo love Coke! I drink this everyday, though I know it isn’t good for my health, but still… I can’t live without it! In fact, I just had a can an hour ago… I don’t know why but I’m just addicted to it that I can’t eat my meal without it.

This is the pillow that my father gave. I blogged about it 4 months ago. Aside from feeling secured when I sleep with it, it reminds of my dad’s line when he gave this to me “Nakita kita tinitingnan mo yung catalogue, sabi ng kaibigan mo, gusto mo daw yung Hello Kitty, kaya yan binili ko, yan man lang mapabaon ko sayo pagbalik mo dun”.

This has been of service and helpful to me for the past years. I use this for my Smart roaming number. My family gets to save P14 in every text message that they send me. Through this we’re connected anytime, anywhere…. 😉

Oooops! This is not a Nokia sponsored post hahaha!

I’m just so used to Nokia phone features that I can’t switch to any other brand.

What about you Annie, Era and Verns? What are the three things that you can’t let go or live without?


  • annamanila

    Coke must contain addictive ingredients ha. Every other person I know says coke is it. And I remember that post aboout the hello kitty pillow given to you by your sweet dad. Cellphones are such a necessity these days. People would rather go hungry — and without coke? hahaha — than go without eload these days. Tingnan mo nanam how it is being marketed like asin and instant noodles.

    But me, give me Internet connection or give me death.

    Kahit naman di ko kayang walang celfone, kaya ko naman ang walang load, may miss call naman hahaha!


  • annamanila

    My must haves are: cell phone, internet connection, and the third should be a toss up between lipstick and menthos candies.

    Ako naman buhay na buhay kahit walang make-up. Sa katunayan ngayon ataw na ito parang extended ang araw ng mga patay sa kaputlaan ng mukha ko hahaha! Buti pa nga ang mga patay nakamake up eh. :p


  • mk

    id surely give this one a try. thanks for the tag mitch! dapat, me dala ka palang tumbler ng coke everywhere u go. baka maging sexy ka lalo pahg ala cola sa meals u, hehe

    Naku at binigyan mo pa ako ng idea hahaha!


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