I must have done something really good in the past that I have been blessed with intelligent and talented daughters. Parental guidance could be a part of their achievements but I’d like to believe and credit everything to Him for recognizing all my sacrifices and life struggles. I am sure that whatever I have right now is all a part of His rewards for being His good daughter. I also thank Him for putting me to tests and being able to not give up.

Last Friday, 27th January, my 7 y/o daughter, Ishi, has again took part in their school’s Academic Battle of Excellence. She participated in 3 subjects for Grade 1 Level and placed:

Champion: English/Grammar/Literature
2nd Place: Filipino
2nd Place: Spelling

Academic Battle of Excellence is their school’s annual event where the 4 campuses of College of Subic Montessori take part:

1. Zambales Campus
2. SBMA Campus
3. Dinalupihan Campus
4. Lincoln Heights Campus

You know what amazed me most, was that my 10 y/o daughter, Deye, managed and patiently helped her sister review her notes everyday prior to the day of the battle. I felt bad because I failed to do my teacher-mommy duty as I am already working by the time they come home from school. I only get an hour break for dinner which I consume for, well, dinner, and a short bonding/catch-up with them. I may have failed to tutor her this time, but I think I have succeeded in instilling good traits to Deye, for always being a doting and supportive big sister to Ishi. Of course, we were also blessed to have Teacher Zeth, who never failed to update me online/offline, and for treating my daughter like her own. I’ve seen her hug Ishi like her own daughter.

[Groufie in between breaks]

 What else could I ask for? Oh, a trophy plaque for the achievers next time maybe? Certificates are good but trophies are better teehee!

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