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TV time for kids

As much as possible, I control my girls’ TV-time. I know it is very easy to let the television act as our kid’s baby sitter and sometimes, I am guilty of that. But when I have the luxury of time, I do not only monitor their time spent on watching cartoons, I join them and be like a kid again. It is our little bonding time.

Once, the ad of samsung 3d tvs aired and they kept on convincing me to tell their dad about it. But they have not remembered until now so I am letting that be. I love watching television with my girls because it brings me back my childhood memories. But then, we try to limit it so we can do something that is more interactive.

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  • Lilia Teitelbaum

    TV time for kids is a must. I don’t let my kids have their own TV in their rooms. And I dont usually let my kids watch ads either, only specific cartoons too, because not all cartoons are apropriate for kids. Thank God I work at home so that I can always know what my kids are watching.


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