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Venturing into a business with an inventory control software

Since I started an online store, my imagination also started to explore that what if I have this thing, and that and those. With very little amount of stuff I have on hand, I have even thought of getting inventory control software haha! Yes, exaggerated but this is also in prep of the future merchandises that my brother’s ex girlfriend and I are into. Actually, she has already started getting supplies from different people and in return I have also given her some of the organic products that I have on hand.

Few months from now, my brother also plans of venturing into a small business. He approached me to think of something. So far, I have already thought of something that would benefit a lot of kids that is also  of my interest but I am afraid I won’t be able to handle it unless I quit my job.

I have also suggested my brother to buy even a second van and convert it into a taxi or public vehicle that travels within SBMA. He liked the idea but doesn’t want to do it coz he says he’d be obliged to handle it himself.

So we’ll see what we’d have few months from now.

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