Weekend Memoirs : Malunggay (Moringa) Day

Before the wind destroys our malunggay tree, mom decided to cook a  nutritious lunch today – malunggay leaves cooked in coconut milk paired with fried fish, a typical lutong Bicol.

Guess who helped my mom took the leaves off the stems? Of course, our little darling, Deye.

Look how serious she was…

I so love the last two shots. Her serious look and the way she was sitting, with her dress strap off her shoulder. Isn’t it cute?

Please stand by for the finished product LOL!

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  1. Mitch, ang cute naman ni Deye! Kumakain ba yan ng malunggay? Hehehe! Oi, naka braid pa yung buhok. Malunggay dito mahal $2.99 per pound. Buti diyan libre!

    Ebie’s last blog post..Mosaic Monday: Glitter in the Sky


  2. Hello sorry for late comment. but I enjoyed your blog. Malunggay is a very nutritious food, have you heard bout malunggay ice cream, sounds weird but very healthy, kaya lang parang di bagay tawaging “horseradish ice cream” parang nakakatakot tikman haha. Do they really need to take he leaves off one by one?

    AL’s last blog post..Cats On Tuesdays


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