My 1 y/o daughter has developed an asthma when she was just 4 months old, and been struggling of continuous cough every night for the last 8 months. We had been in and out of the hospital since then, bought a nebulizer for home use, followed all the doctor’s instructions and prescriptions but it seems like she’s not improving. It just gets worst. Until one day, my officemate asked me if I believe in “magtatawas”. I’m not really a believer but it won’t hurt to try. That same week I took her to Manang Bising, one of the known “magtatawas” in Gordon Heights, Olongapo.

Verdict? No, my daughter isn’t harmed. But I was advised to give her malunggay juice with calamansi extract, since she’s still a baby a teaspoon of sugar mixed with the juice will help her drink it with no fuss.

I noticed the improvement. The first day I had given her malunggay juice, she was cough free. I am so glad with this improvement. I shared this secret to my fellow Pinay Mommy Bloggers and they requested that I make a blogpost about it. Since I am about to make some more for the next 2 days consumption, it was actually a good timing to have these easy steps noted down. Here you go:

1. Pick the fresh ones. Malunggay is easy to be found. It’s everywhere in the neighborhood but I got these from my mom’s backyard.

2. Wash the leaves thoroughly.

3. Put the picked leaves in a pot, add some water as per your requirement. Let it boil for at least 15 minutes.

4. If you are not too sure when it’s ready, wait until the water turns green. See below photos.

5. Let it cool down for sometime. Keep the juice in a clean container/pitcher. Keep in the fridge. To keep the strong taste/flavor, I leave and keep some leaves in it.

If your child can take the pure juice, there’s no need to add some water before giving it. In my case, I feel that it’s too bitter for a 1 y/o, so I normally add 2oz of hot water to make it 8oz (6oz juice + 20z hot water), add a teaspoon of sugar or honey and tada! Fresh malunggay juice to the rescue! if you wish to add calamansi extract, please do. It’s just that my daughter doesn’t like it.

I give my daughter malunggay juice 3x a day, breakfast, lunch and bedtime. Oh and sometimes during the wee hours when she cries for milk! She wouldn’t know, she’s half asleep teehee!

By the way, before I started making and giving this malunggay juice to my daughter, I first did my homework and yeah Manang Bising was actually right. Malunggay or also known as “Moringa Oeliferatreats fever and asthma. If you wanna know the rest of the health benefits that we could get from it, check it out here.

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