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What A Small Blogging World!

If you’ve read my entry about Olongapo City, then you’d probably seen 2surfandvolley’s comment that reads:

Life has goaded me to live in a lot of far-flung places, for far longer time than I have spent in Olongapo, but when asked, this is the place that I tell people I was from. And I will probably always feel that way. This is the place where the things that had happened occurred farthest in time but still occupy the forefront and most expansive part of my memory.

Even before I was old enough to go to school, I had hiked my way home from the Base to Sta. Rita, alone. The first time happened because I was separated from my older siblings and friends and lost them in the crowd. That experienced emboldened me to take future forays by myself. I hiked the Sta. Rita mountains and Cabalan forests with friends. We swam in the river separating the two regions.

When it came time for me to attend school, I went to Bajac-bajac Elementary School then later transferred to Sta. Rita. I attended Olongapo City High School for one year before we moved to Manila.

It’s been a long time coming, but I plan a short vacation at the end of the year to attend a friend’s wedding in Cabalan. I will go see my friends in Sta. Rita, although I know that I will not recognize any of them except for one. And that’s because I came across his picture in your blog. I hope to meet his wife for the first time.


A had also left a couple of messages in my previous Blogger blog. That’s when he had mentioned about the common people we know. But who would ever think that the “childhood friend” he was referring to isn’t just a common friend or neighbor back then? He’s my father.

I sent A an email yesterday and he confirmed everything by mentioning my dad’s nickname. Before I replied his email, I sent my dad an SMS “do you remember an old friend by the name of XXXX XXXXXX?“. He said YES and started telling me about him and their childhood memories.

Isn’t it a small world? It just feels nice when you get to reunite two people, especially when one of them is close to your heart…

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  • luisapages

    this is so touching mitch… small world indeed.

    Indeed. This is the 2nd time it happened to me. I had a chatmate, Kuya J. I didn’t know that his brother is our neighbor. And his brother happened to be my dad’s friend. When Kuya J learned that my dad’s family name is Cortez, he remembered me and asked my dad “may kachat po ako sa Bahrain na Cortez din“, my dad asked him back, anong pangalan? “Mitch po ang name nya, tapos ang gamit nya sa chat **cortez“, my dad then said “eh anak ko yun eh” hahaha!


  • Rach (Heart of Rachel)

    It’s amazing when people who share something significant cross paths along the way. Thank you for sharing this touching story.

    Happy weekend Mitch. Thanks again for all the help.

    True. Ako nga din amazed na amazed sa nangyari, imagine after a loooooooooooooong time magkikita ulit sila at ako pa yung naging way. A haven’t even met my mom kasi mga estudyante/binata pa sila the last time ata silang nagkita.

    Most welcome Rach! My pleasure…


  • Kongkong622

    is A the same fellow who used to live near your old house? i remember reading some comments back in the other blog.

    galing ano..small world talaga 🙂

    Yup, siya na nga yun, naalala mo pala yun? Nung una I didn’t pay attention, I thought he’s just one of the old neighbors. Yun pala he’s my dad’s childhood friend, buti na lang nag-comment ulit siya hihihi!


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