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What are your hobbies?

Cecile of Life is a choice asked “What are my hobbies?

Many people say that I am born creative. I guess I have to agree. My hobbies are all related to arts and crafts which I think my eldest daughter, Deye, got from me. So to answer Cecile’s question:

I used to cross-stitch. I first got into it coz I was just curious why my friend spends overnight cross-stitching. I find it odd. At a very young age, she’s already into a stitching hobby which only oldies do on a rocking chair. I bought a starter kit out from my school allowance, the easiest pattern I could follow and I got hooked! I had neglected homeworks back then just to finish my project. It went on for some time. I gave a lot to my closest friends. Too bad digital camera still do not exist those days. Otherwise, I would have taken photos of the Nude Lady, Jesus Christ, Panda Bears etc. that I have made.

I digiscrap. In fact, I have dedicated one blog for my layouts. It’s called The Artist in Mitch. Sorry, this blog is outdated but I still do, whenever I have time and in the mood to create one. Unfortunately, my creative juice for arts and crafts seemed not pouring lately. I will, one of these days. I just bought a kit last week.

I write poems when I am depressed so please don’t come asking why my dedicated blog When The Heart Speaks for poems is not updated. Simply, I am not depressed and frustrated these days! Before this blog went live, I had a notebook filled with my self-composed poems but a friend who migrated to London asked for it. How can I say no?

I sing along using my magic sing alone at home when I get really bored. Ask my family,  friends and officemates, they might even warn you to bring your own mic if you plan to attend a Karaoke night with me hahaha!

Care to share your hobbies Divine, Vix, Olga, Kat and Jes? Click here to see the drill. And please let me know once you are done with your post!

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