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What’s in your bag?

Just missed the days when blogging was all about fun, tagging and blog hopping! Looks like those days are gone, so to bring back the lost fun, I am starting it with the “What’s in your bag?” thingy. Here’s the drill:

  1. Grab the bag that you are using /recently used. Feel free to write an introduction.
  2. Take a pic.
  3. Simply share and mention what’s inside your bag. No cheating please! This is not the time to clean up your messed up bags. Be fair ladies! Just do the drill and have fun!
  4. Then tag 5 people (of course they have to be Bloggers so they can spread the fun) and asked them to do the same. And don’t forget to mention and link the person who tagged you first.
  5. Again, just a reminder, no cheating please!!!

Let me start… 

My bag

I keep changing my bags almost daily. That’s how I forget things at times. Mostly my mobiles and ID. I badly need an organizer, I know that. Anyway, to stay on topic, let me share with you what’s inside my bag, one by one.

  • Sophie Catalogue. Well, to those who don’t know yet, I also sell Sophie products.
  • 7-11 receipt of the snacks I bought this morning.
  • Eyeglasses case with cloth ordered from Artscow.
  • Mango wallet, a gift from a friend. This has been with me for almost 7 years now but I just can’t give it up for I believe it brings me luck.
  • Make up kit. I only keep here the things I used for the day, the rest are kept in a separate pouch, left at home.
  • Digital camera.
  • VS Cologne.
  • Coin purse that I bought in Thailand.
  • SBMA ID.
  • Mobile pouch where I keep my 2 mobiles so I won’t have to dig in if one rings.

I am tagging:


Those who have multiple blogs, please feel free to choose on which blog you prefer to publish your blogpost.


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