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When It Rains, It Pours

Despite some probs that I have right now, I still feel blessed. I received a total of $90 (70 + 20) yesterday for placing some ads in two of my blogs (here and here) plus some online projects that I’d be handling soon.

Remember the day when I blogged about On Unexpected Blessings? That was actually the start. I now write for Paraiso Philippines. The first article that I’ve contributed could be found here.

Aside from the above, I recently won some nice and helpful prizes from Life Is Colourful, where I got:

1) One-Year VIP Membership to by Xavier Media ($35)
2) Textlinks worth $10 bid each at BYDY Link Bid Directory > Claimed
3) Featured Links for Six Months at Internet Stromer Directory ($10)

Plus another 300 EC credits from Aeirin’s EC Feed Giveaway. And the latest? Derelle, my daughter is one of the top 7 winners for the Search For The Cutie Child where she got a total of 105 votes, not bad huh! I’d like to thank everyone who voted for Derelle. Very much appreciated!

When it rains, it really pours….

Anyway, gotta look for some company logo shirts samples online. This has something to do with the online project that I was talking about earlier.

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