When SAHMOne Speaks #20

When SAHMone SpeaksHow do you get your child sleep/take nap during the day? Sad to admit but bribing really works for my daughter. I just have to ask her what does she want to do for the next weekend, then the rest of the ideas on how to bribe her come next. Or, I compromise that we will paint together provided that she takes her afternoon nap. Conditional but it really works. At times, she goes to nap without telling her to do so but if she really does not, I don’t force her. I just make sure that she eats her dinner earlier than the usual so that if she falls asleep before her usual bedtime, her stomach is stuffed.

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  1. I have a hard time getting my 3 year old to take a nap, so when I need him to nap, I tell him there’s no electricity (brown out) and then turn off everything.. 😛 He gets bored and finally takes a nap.. 😀 nyahahaha

    However, for my 9 year old, she gets tired from school and would often nap after school.. 😀 My daughter can sleep while standing up or while walking.. 😀 it’s weird! 😛 Totally opposite from my 3 year old who seem to have developed an aversion for napping.. 😛


  2. Hindi na nag-na-nap si Una sa hapon. Most often than not, kapag natulog siya ng hapon, hirap na patulugin sa gabi. After midnight na usually nakakatulog.


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