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Who’s To Blame?

Nothing serious here… I just realized that I didn’t blog on the 23rd. I couldn’t believe it! Too much tweaking in my new blog maybe?

Segue muna… just a reminder to those who are joining my SAHM-one’s Friday Weekly Meme, it’s starting  tomorrow already. Mine should be up in another hour. Yeah, I did some scheduled posts so I won’t forget this time. Good idea huh Eds?

Where was I? Oh my new blog! No it’s not. It’s also because of my too much Plurking hahaha! Instead of logging in my blogs, I Plurk first. I have even missed a lot of opps in PPP. *sigh* No regrets, I really enjoy Plurking especially when my fellow blogging mommies are around. Plus the karma points that I have already gained teehee! Here’s the proof:

Ahuh! It’s not a glitch! You’re really seeing 60.83 Karma in less than a month of Plurking LOL! I got 41 friends so far. It’s so addictive, can you blame me?

So there… Blame it on the Plurk! Haha! Not yet a member, sign up here!

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