Dear DepEd Philippines,

Please revisit and reevaluate your plans, whether final or not, and see if that includes your “genuine concern” for our dear learners, especially the young ones.

Of course, the final decision is on us, parents, but it always feels better if we are on the same page.

Willing to wait,

Mommy Mitch
-Parent of incoming Grades 5 and 10 students-

I agree that #education is very important but it is still unsafe for the students to attend classes physically until unless a cure/vaccine has already been officially released, proven, and tested.

Regardless if it starts in August or on a much later date, with the increasing number of cases each day, I am sure no parent would ever want their child to take such risk. We are very much willing to wait until we feel safer that not even a single drop of the virus would harm our kids.

Besides, the majority of the schools in the Philippines haven’t even officially concluded SY 2019-2020, so why hurry with all these online registrations, enrolment, and the likes for the next one?

And to schools who have openly made announcements already, thank you for the updates, but please let us also not rush with the PAYMENT of the tuition fees next month while everything is unsure yet, ‘coz we parents, can use that money for something else. Remember, many have lost their jobs temporarily.

Why the rush as if schools all over the Philippines are ready and prepared for online classes and the likes in case it is again decided to suspend classes in the middle of the year? Maybe, for now, this is the best time to think of a way, make use of those group chats created per section (if there are) and other online resources in able to keep up with the lost days “slowly”, and keep us parents updated whether how you will officially end the previous school year.

Again, I understand that education is very important, but if that would mean “risking lives of these young people”, thanks but no thanks, ma’am, sir.

Just my thoughts…

Mitch Carvalho

Seasoned Blogger and a full-time WAHM

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