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Window blinds

They say that insufficiency of  natural sunlight is associated with several unhealthy conditions. Isn’t it that newborn babies are advised to be exposed for sometime under the morning sunlight? Yes, I do believe that, in fact, both my two girls have practiced that. But you know what gives me a headache and irritable feeling? The sun ray that goes through our living room windows especially at around 12-3pm. Good thing I’ve found cheap window blinds over at Ace Hardware.  A piece only cost me Php189.75.

Window  blinds

Each one comes with two holders and some screws to be fixed on the window panel. It also came with something to hold the bottom part of the blinds, so it doesn’t move.


Now I can watch TV nicely without having disturbed by the reflection right on my TV screen. I’m lucky enough to get the color matching with the house paint.

Window blinds

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