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Guess what Ellen just gave me? A link that could lead to another pocket of moolah. How’s that? Okay before I begin, just wanna make it clear that this is not a paid post… not even a referral. Just wanted to share it with WAHMs and SAHMs who might be reading my blog right now. Even if you’re not a mother or working from home, you are most welcome of course, for as long as you want to earn extra money at your own flexible hours.

They are looking for Website Managers with the following qualifications:

  1. Willing to work on a part-time basis (you can work on your own hours)
  2. Must know how to use the Internet – doing research, sending emails, etc
  3. Average written English skills
  4. Be able to write fresh and original content
  5. Be able to provide website updates on a regular basis

Sounds interesting to you? Just go to Smart Traffic. Fill up the form and wait if you’ll get approved. I just applied mine heehee! It says “wait for 2 weeks”. And the “waiting” starts now LOL!By the way, Ellen saw this AD in the Manila Bulletin, so it must be good. Apply now!

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