At 34 weeks, I can no longer apply nail polish on my toe nails neither scrub the bathroom tiles (as if it’s me who does it LOL!). My tummy is getting heavier and I feel more bloated after each meal. Anyway, here’s what WTE says at 34th week:

Your eyes do not deceive you: Your uterus is still growing (and you thought there was no more room!) and, at 34 weeks pregnant, is around five inches above your navel now. But wait…are your eyes actually deceiving you…or at least, playing tricks on you? Many women discover that their vision seems less sharp during pregnancy, or that their contact lenses are less comfortable than they used to be.

Oh well! This is pretty much normal for me. My vision is never normal, in fact, I just got myself a new pair of eyeglasses before Christmas. I know it’s not the right time to get a new pair but I just thought I also need to comfort myself (and my eyes) at this stage. Eye vision is now 425R-400L. *sigh*

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