5 Enjoyable Habits for a Happier Living

Do not look for a reason to be happy. Just be happy. If you are happy for a reason, it is not going to last forever”, this is one of the best quotes of all times and a perfect fit for a lifestyle that we have incorporated today.


In this day and age of stressful living, here are 5 enjoyable habits that will keep you happy and joyful all the time;

Read good books Book is a man’s best friend. Pick a book that is positively impacts your life, gives you a new perspective and boosts your confidence about being happy in this stressful world. Socialize Undeniably, sometimes we need to be all by ourselves to get a little peace of mind, but try not to make this a habit. Going out, meeting new people and indulging in intelligent conversations with people can be equally liberating.

Play games Certain studies show that playing intelligent and fun games improves concentration, focus and is sometimes one of the best sources to stay entertained and happy. There is a rapid increase in the number of people opting to play smart games, one of them being online bingo.  Play Bingo games online on GameVillage, and grab a chance to earn money and a little happiness.

Pursue a hobby  We are all blessed with a little talent that we somehow do not bring out due to so many reasons. Let your confidence override all the reasons and pursue your favorite hobby, in fact, if pursuing your hobby becomes an important part of your day, you surely will, experience boundless happiness. Below is the most recent artwork I finished. Below is just one of the artworks I finished this morning.

Solo Travel Solo traveling has been a dream for many. There are a lot of people who have prepared a bucket list of their favorite destination but sadly, not many have implemented their plans.  So, as soon as you get a little time, plan for a solo-traveling trip.  It surely will be the best time of your life and you will experience unlimited happiness.

So, try and cultivate at least one of these habits and you will love the experience of a happier living.

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  1. Most of us expect happiness to just “happen” in our lives but one thing that I have learned is that you actually need to somehow be consciously working for it. I agree with you, traveling, reading a book and pursuing a hobby also make me happy. They do not only give you good vibes but expand your horizon as well 🙂


  2. I love reading books! Love stories and detective stories (Agatha Christie fan here), I love Dan Brown too 🙂 nung nag asawa na ako, d na ako naka pag solo travel… pero ok lang, nakapag solo travel na ako nung single pa ako.. hehe


  3. We believe that we have our own unique source of happiness. For us, it’s reading books and traveling together that’s why we attach our family goals to those activities. Once we found our “center”, mission in life, reason for existence, passion or whatever term we use for our uniqueness, then happiness comes naturally. Our point of view on happiness, but to each its own.


  4. I find happiness and gain many ideas through reading books and travel. When I travel, I prefer to engage with locals, talk to them, play with locals kids, etc.
    These helps me to be more creative!


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