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8th On The 11th

11th December 1999. The day when I officially became my husband’s girlfriend. Naks! We attended a party, just within the staff quarters. Guess what he brought the celebrant? A bunch of flowers! I raised my eyebrows and that’s how our discussion started that later on turned into a deeper conversation, that made me say “Yes!” nyahahaha! Corny pag naaalala ko. :p Fast forward to 5 years… We finally said our vows a month and six days before this date.

3 years later…. Miles apart but very much together, or should I say we are DHL-ly connected hahaha!

Okay, let’s get serious… Tomorrow will be our 8th year Anniversary. Though, we’re already married, I don’t keep this “date” aside. It’ll be in my heart forever… Including the memories within those first 5 years…

That’s us 8 years ago…

Happy 8th Anniversary, Mahal…. I know you’re reading my blog these days! Love you (this much)! Mwah!


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