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A perfect Christmas present

Holiday seasons are fast approaching. In fact, here at work, we have already divided ourselves into different groups for the Christmas Party presentations and other tasks relevant to the event.

I was chosen to be one of the leaders of the presenting groups and glad that majority of my members are willing to perform ala ASAP XV Sessionistas. Unfortunately, due to the loads that we have these past few days involving the transfer to our new building, we have not discussed yet what to do and how to do that, but I’m sure we will have an excellent performance, as 4 of my members are also into singing.

Speaking of Christmas Party preparations, we also plan to have a Kris Kringle among the office staff and hand a special gift to our boss. I am thinking of proposing an idea of giving him a set of custom seat covers. In fact, I have already searched for some items with the help of Mr. Google of course and found hundreds of returns but definitely, my eyes have set on vinyl seat covers. For him I think, it’s a must have since he’s always on the go and never found in the office. I prefer the black or silver color as it would perfectly match with his Silver Everest.

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