I just realized that I was not able to post my Krabi trip last April. Better late than never so here you go. We stayed in Aonang Cliff Beach Resort, located at Aonang where shops and restaurants, even bars are just outside as you stepped out of the hotel.

Shops and Restaurants

Communicating with local staff was kinda difficult as they hardly know English. We were lucky that the Sales Director who had been helping us all throughout is a Filipino. I really made him work the whole time we were there haha! Thanks Mike!

Aonang Cliff Resort

Despite the language barrier, we were satisfied with the way we were pampered by granting all our requests, and last minute changes through Mike, the Sales Director. After each day we are done with our Conference, we stood by at the Cliff Restaurant for a drink and surprisingly, I still see him around heading the Food & Beverage staff.

Please excuse me for saying so much about the person and not the resort. It’s just that we felt like we were home in a foreign place, still getting what we wanted and that’s how hospitality industry should work. I also worked for a hotel & resort and it was not a joke hanging around and standing by till the guests leave the area.

Anyway, moving on… let me show you the other areas of the resort.


There’s the lobby (first photo), then the rooms with the overlooking view of the cliff. That’s where our guests were put, while we, GrainPro team had the rooms facing the road. I’m just not sure who made the room allocation but whoever idea that was, it was a bright one. Of course, we wanted our guests to be treated special and that’s important. Third photo is the poolside. My bad, I was not able to take the poolside restaurant, I even forgot the name of it. The last photo is by the entrance where a big vase is displayed.

The rooms facing the road looks like this. This was where I stayed.


I love its layout, so spacious and not too common. I’ve been to many hotels and they all look the same to me. I love the way they have the stairs with few steps going down till you get to your comfort zone. The couch gave an added appeal with a movable table that can either be used for food or when you are working on your laptop. I used it as a working table most of the time.

If ever I’d get the chance to go back to Krabi, I’d definitely stay in this resort again. The only thing that got me to curiosity was the way it the hotel was named Aonang Cliff Beach Resort. The first thing I did try to find was the beach within the area but found nothing. The beach is found if you walk towards the right side as you step out of the hotel. No big deal though, it’s just that I expected to see a beach right inside the hotel. I also wish that the next time I stay there, they’d give free access to their WIFI.

Aonang Cliff Beach Resort
Michael Chua, Director of Sales
Aonang Cliff Beach Resort
Krabi, Thailand
Tel: +66 75 626 888
Fax: +66 75 626 889

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