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Blessings In Life

Got an email from my cousin yesterday. She resides in the US married for almost 15 years to an American.

Hey! I have good news for you. Email me back soon!

So I replied:

Don’t tell me you’re expecting? Yeheeeeeeeeeey!

This morning, another email from her came:

Yeah, I’m 2 weeks preggy now. We’re sooooo happy. Everyone in the family is happy.

I of course replied with all excitement… Can you believe that? After sooooo many years of waiting and medical examinations, they finally did it! A couple of months ago we were chatting in MSN. She was frustrated of not getting pregnant. I couldn’t blame her. Months of waiting is okay but years as in 10 years or longer is something else. Instead of making her more depressed, I told her that if it’s time, you’ll get it. If not, then maybe there’s a reason behind it. Just be thankful of whatever you have now. There are so many other blessings to be thankful for. Sometimes, we just don’t notice that they exist. Always think positive…

I guess that made her calm down and realized that yes, there are so many other blessings that we don’t see.

Once I’ve read this line by Catherine Pulsifer”:

Take 5 minutes and sit quietly and reflect on all the blessings in your life.

So true. And we often forget to do this… But that’s normal. We are all but humans. We keep on whining about how hard life is.

Go and sit quietly in one corner. Reflect. And say thanks!


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  • Yen

    How nice for your cousin and her family. I too have been waiting for this second one for 5 years..and it came just the right time:) I really believe everything happens for a reason…God is good!

    Btw, I was thinking of you last night of when you are going to India..I read somewhere you’re going with your fam there,right? Have fun!

    Take Care!

    Oo nga eh! Finally, after a long wait…

    Yup, by next month. For the first time… Thanks!


  • Rach (Heart of Rachel)

    Congratulations to your cousin.

    It’s personally rewarding to take time to reflect on one’s blessings. Life is full of blessings if we just look around us.

    Thanks Rach! true. That’s what I do when I get depressed sometimes. I also watch Bantay Bata, then narerealized ko how lucky I am.


  • Kongkong622

    Your cousin is truly blessed. Congratulations!!

    I like this’s sad though that sometimes we realize our fortune after we lose it. That is why your “5 minute” exercise will truly be helpful to those who are jaded 🙂

    Thanks, Cookie!

    Siguro kaya ganun for us to realize na kung pinahalagahan sana, eh di hindi sana nawala.


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