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Running out of what to post in your blog? Admit it! Even Professional Writers experience a writer’s block. Here are some blog post ideas that you can consider when this happens to you:

  • Keep on taking photos. Forget about what others would say if they spot you taking a close shot of a dying plant. I did something similar in the past and whenever I lack of blogpost ideas, I go through my photo folders. Give it a little time, for sure you’d come up to something almost perfect!
  • Keep an eye on your children. If you don’t have one yet, I’m sure there’s a lot of children in your neighborhood. Watch them play, or talk to a 2 year old and you’d get a nice conversation that is worth sharing in your blog.
  • Make a random list about anything and everything that you could think of until you reached to number of items enough to occupy your compose box.
  • Product reviews and the like. Whether it’s not an official product review assignment, do it. Go in front of your grocery cupboard, grab an item and see what you can do about it. Tell your readers why you always want that item in your grocery list. Or brag about the latest gift that your loved one has given you.
  • Current events. Sometimes it good to know what’s happening around you. You’ll never know, it might give your blog a good traffic.
  • Grab a magazine. Go through some old magazines and see what interesting topics you’d like writing about.

Enough to fill your blog for a week?


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