Delete Pending Comments Plugin

It’s quite annoying to see unwanted and spam comments getting accumulated under Pending Comments.

Spam comments

These even appeared despite having Akismet installed in my blog. Good thing a plugin is available to solve this problem. Pinay Mommy Online introduced and advised me to install Delete Pending Comments Plugin and it worked instantly after installing it with just one click.

Delete Pending Comments Plugin

With this plugin you can easily delete all pending WordPress comments. It’s quite useful if you’re the victim of a spammer attack.

Once installed and after plugin activation, you will find this at your sidebar under Dashboard.


Click on Delete Pending Comments (blue shade shown), and it will ask you to:

Delete pending comments
Voila! No more annoying unwanted comments. Before doing the last step, just make sure that everything under Pending Comments are spam comments otherwise all your legit comments will be deleted, too!

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  1. That’s one thing that you need to go through first, otherwise, it’ll also get deleted. At least this is way easier than checking your legit comments and at the same time delete the spam comments by batch. With this plugin, in one click they get deleted.


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