Do you have more than one blog? If your answer is yes, I’m sure there are instances that your blog went on hiatus unplanned just because you tend to forget about it. WP Remote might be the answer for this. WP Remote plugin works with WP Remote that helps you:

  • manage all your WordPress sites.
  • track all your WordPress sites from one place.
  • track the WordPress version each site is running and easily update.
  • track all your plugins and themes 1 click update them.
  • free to use and you can track an unlimited number of sites.
  • backups of your database and files.

It’s easy to use. In fact, I’ve just added all my sites and the chance that I forget one of them is now very little. Here’s how you do it:

(1) Add your site by clicking +Site, it’s a button in green (shown below).


(2) Once added, you will see this on the right side.

Installing plugin

Copy the API Key given, click on the Install Plugin and you will be directed to your blog. Log in if you still are not. Then install the WP Remote, activate it, type in the API key. Click Refresh.

(3) If you have successfully installed the WP Remote plugin, then you should see this:

Successfully installed

As you can see, the blog that I have added (as shown on the screenshot) isn’t updated. I would suggest that you first click on the Backup Site Now button which is shown last on the list before you update the rest. Once you are finished backing up your blog, you will see this:

Back up

Click on the blue button and save it in your computer. Then, you may proceed updating the plugins and version of your WP, if needed.

(4) You may follow the same steps for all your blogs:

Blogs added

(5) If you click on the Admin button (in gray) placed right beside the title of your blog, you will be redirected to your blog on a new tab. That makes your life easier from remembering all your blog site addresses.

By the way, thanks to Thess for mentioning this!

Mitch Carvalho

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