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Barney – is a purple anthropomorphic Tyrannosaurus rex who conveys learning through jumping around singing children’s songs with a friendly, optimistic attitude.
I knew about Barney some years ago. But came to know more of this character including his friends just five months back. We were on vacation when I bought Barney’s first DVD for Deye. Since then, she has become a Barney’s fan like the rest of the children I know.

What’s with Barney anyway? A purple dinosaur. A very simple character compared to others. But when kids see it’s photo, it’s more likely an adult seeing his/her idol for the first time. Deye is just one of them.

She calls her “Baney“, sounds like bunny heehee! And once you put Barney on DVD, that’s the only time that she’d sit or stay in one place.

Another character that makes Deye crazy is the tap dancer in the character of Mumble from the movie Happy Feet. I’d say that she’s more fond of him especially when he starts dancing, oh my! She would get up and imitates him.

She calls her “Mabush“. I know, if you say Mumble correctly, there is no “letter S” at all. But I think she’s confused between the word bubbles and Mumble as they sound too similar hehe!

Imagine hearing your little one talk to “Mabush” on the phone? Isn’t she crazy over him hahaha! Read it here and you’ll know….

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