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Deye’s Observation

It was her first time to meet our relatives from my mother’s side. When she saw my aunt inside the coffin, she uttered:

Mama, lola sleeping inside the basket. Wawa siya…

I told her that lola needs to take rest because she’s so tired already. When the moment for us to finally bid goodbye to my aunt, she asked my mom that she wanted to touch her when the coffin was opened for the last time. My mom let her and Deye said “veyi hard naman!” Then she was telling me on the way to the cemetery that she gave flower to lola and cologne heehee! Because the holy water was kept inside a bottle similar to a cologne bottle heehee!

After the funeral, since my cousin’s house is nearby SM, I decided to take her for a ride:

While these photos were taken the day we were coming back to Olongapo. We had to stop by my other cousin’s house for some “nilupak” moments. Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos. But of course I didn’t forget to take her photos at play.

Mitch Carvalho

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