From 4th place in their class, Ate Deye now ranks at 7. Sad but I guess we shouldn’t be bothered at all. She had too many absences in the past weeks, well, in fact she even missed their exams the week I gave birth and few days before that week coz she has gotten sick and skipped the classes for 4 consecutive days. For as long as she comes home with new set of lessons that she had learned from school, she knows ABCs and numbers, that’s fine with us.

Anyway, there’s another reason that she made me more proud of her, that’s for going to school without my mom yesterday. I had to go and see my OB, and if I go out of course there should be someone in the house to look after Erchelle. So I told my mom we had no choice but to send her to school with the school bus alone. I called and informed her teacher that it’s going to be the school bus guy to pick her up after school.

Guess what? She came home happily telling me she’s been a good girl coz she was able to go to school alone. And that’s already a big deal for her and made her more independent. She actually thrown tantrums this morning coz she wanted to go to school alone again today. I told her that’s only going to happen if Mama has to do some important errands outside.

Glad she understood and didn’t insist further.

Mitch Carvalho

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