Featured Friends

1. I am one of Vannie’s featured friends. Thanks sis!

2. As such, I should include their names and also pick 4 or 5 more of my own featured friends.

3. I have to inform ALL my featured friends to keep the ball rolling. Note: If you use Blogger, you can add your featured friends using the new page element ‘Link List’.You may read everything about how this Featured Featured Friend started by reading here and here.

My featured friends are:

Annie > I fondly call her Anniebee. If I’m not mistaken I met Annie online 2 years ago through Kuro. The virtual friendship continued by exchanging posts online, until I got the chance to meet her in person last year. It was an EB arranged by the known KFG and Annie happens to be one of the Welcoming Committee Members LOL! Hahaha! This group makes sure that there’s an EB arranged whenever a balikbayan comes home for a vacation. Proud to say I’m the 2nd person to be welcomed by this group. You become a certified group member the moment you attended an EB. Okay, we made that up, there’s no rule as such haha! Back to Annie…. Annie helps me a lot in this blog giving tips on how to increase my traffic etc. To Annie, I owe you this rank! I hope to meet you very soon with the KFG.

Arlene > As far as I know, we have two things in common, one of these two is being a pioneer member of Kuro. I still remember the day when I first approached her in that forum, that was 5 years ago I guess. I sent her a private message. And guess what’s so funny about our friendship, we have already exchanged gifts but never met in person as yet. Guess who have met already? Our dear partners hahaha!

Feng > The day I chanced upon her blog through PMN, I had this feeling… I knew we would be friends. We’ve already shared little secrets (sikret lang ha?!). We have the same kulit attitude and factor hahaha! Thanks sis for making me laugh whenever we chat and exchange blog comments.

Amore > Known her through Feng, that day when I was looking for a blog host coz I’ve been wanting to purchase my own domain for more moolah. I sent her an email, and she replied right away. From then on, we became chat buddies and learned that we also have something in common, toot toot! Hehehe!

So there are me featured friends. I am tagging Yen, Laarni, Analyse and Hailey.

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  1. hi Mitch! hala, baka kung anong isipin nila na secret natin. haha! for keeps yun, promise!
    eh, na miss ko na nga mga chat sessions natin. uber busy ka kasi Sis these days. di bale, hopefully pag naluwas ka ulit, pag-usapan natin ang “secret”. haha!


  2. hi sis, i feel honored with this post. hehehee..buti pa sila ano – nagkita na. tayo hindi pa. hehehe but sana magkita rin tayo.

    arlene’s last blog post..Sky Watch # 4


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