Aside from Twitter, FB and blogs, Pinterest is just one of the regular online activities that I spend time with these days. In fact, I have just installed a Pinterest app on my iPad 3 nights ago. I re-pin the photos that I like and is appropriate with the boards that I have created until it dozes me off to sleep. So what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an online pinboard where you can organize images and share them with fellow Pinterest users.

So far I’ve got 15 boards created already:

  1. All About Hello Kitty. Some of you already know how fond I am with this cutie cartoon character. I could say that I grew up with her and now influencing my girls to like her. Not a good move I know but so far they like her! Teehee!
  2. Kikay Kit. I created this board to basically at least have a virtual kit  of some stuff that I can’t afford to have.
  3. Nail Art. Since the day I had my nails done, I have been searching for nail art designs which I think can be copied easily.
  4. Eye Makeup. Late bloomer that I am explains this well.
  5. Women’s Apparel. Please refer to Kikay Kit haha!
  6. Foodie. Do I need to explain further?
  7. For the Home. To get ideas from in prep for our dream house.
  8. My Digital Layouts. I’ve realized this is a good way of showing off my finished layouts.
  9. Craft Ideas. My daughter loves crafting and I run out of ideas. At least I won’t have to depend on Art Attack alone anymore.
  10. Party Ideas. I know this would always come handy.
  11. Wedding Ideas. One of my greatest dreams is to have a souvenir shop for weddings.
  12. Places I’d Like To Go. Who knows some day I’ll be pinning images of the places I have really gone to.
  13. Things I love. It feels good to have a list (now on image) of the things that you love and never get tired of looking at them.
  14. Just About Anything. As simple as to have a board for the things that do not fall into the above ones.
  15. Scenes. Time to share the scenes and landscapes that I have captured well.

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