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French Toast vs Sawsaw Kape

Since the day I stopped from working, I make sure that I prepare a good breakfast for my daughter. The first day, I made sunny side up and here’s how the conversation went:

Deye : Mama, mita cooked this ba?

Me : No, Mama did.

Deye : *rolled her eyes* and said “You can cook pala????” with a big question mark on her face LOL!

The other day, I thought I’d make something else, a homemade french toast.

Unfortunately, she chose the “tinapay-sawsaw-kape” over my French toast, ahuhuhuhu!

Anyway, enough of whining, maybe she’s not just used to it that Mama cooks and spends time in the kitchen haha! Off to researching medical assistant training school now for my cousin, she’ll be here any minute.

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