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Frequent electricity interruption

Since the rainy season started, we had been experiencing electric power interruption. Because of this, I’ve asked my husband to send me some emergency lights to light up our nights when there is no power. However, I have not anticipated the need of these lights in my mom’s house. I’ve asked my husband to check and see if he can send at least two of the same brand, unfortunately, it’s out of stock.

Just yesterday, I tried looking up on light fixtures’ site and landed on meyda lighting but didn’t have the chance to browse their site. I wonder if they also have emergency lights, at cheap cost.

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  • Monika

    Having frequent electricity interruption is a big problem because we need electricity for our daily needs specially during night time. Light is one of the most important thing because night time is very dark and we need light to see things. Having emergency lights help us during black outs.